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What you need for IMSA 70.3!


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On your 180km bike ride its all about being aero to conserve the maximum amount of watts produced at your maximum speed to be able to own your run.

Aero helmets are your best bet when travelling at 25 to 30 km/h but when you hit 40km/h things change...

Your ultimate weapon is a disc wheel which creates that feeling of cutting through the air like a thin blade.

But disc wheels are so #@_! expensive?!?!?!?!?!?!?

THe answer, convert your training wheels into disc wheels.

With 94% the aero abilities of a zipp disc wheel this is bound to bring you success. Constructed out of ABS plastic composite (which does not warp and melt like conventional wheelbuilder disc covers)it can be removed and re-applied several times and only adds about 350g max to your wheels mass.

Now available in black and white and 650c and 700c wheels for R1800

E-mail: dsolms1@aol.com

Sms: 0829742433




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How does it fit to the wheel?


The first photo is a Zipp 808 and the second looks like a Mavic clincher, do they come in different sizes or how does it work?

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