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Link to a MapMyRide feature I suggested to their site


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I know riding alone is better avoided, and I'll always buddy up if possible - but sometimes, you just need to get out and crunch the kilos and no one is around.


So I'd love a phone based safety feature that could let my girlfriend know how I was going, or if there was potential trouble. If it were integrated with a phone based cycling app, I'd get both in one and could leave my Edge home for LSD rides.


I posted the idea on their site:




If you like it, please vote and comment, maybe we can get them to add it.

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will do man! safety is a must - the more positive movements we get towards a safer cycling community and environment, the better :thumbup:

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Cheers - I'm a software developer myself, but with some decent Android apps around already it seems better to see if I can get a publisher to add the feature. If not, I'll just have to get my coding pad out ... ;)

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