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Lost Mobii Bike Computer (Attakwas121km MTB Challenge)


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I know it is a long shot but maybe worth a try.

Wiped out on the downhill section after "King of the mountain" around 60km mark and lost my

mobii motion computer pictured below.


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Hi Yumeya


Sorry to hear that you lost your Motion M01 GPS.


If you can't find your device, then call us at the office tomorrow and we will try and make a plan to get you up and running with another device.

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  • 1 month later...

If anyone found my motion and decided to claim it. Well now you have my permission to keep it. It is a dynamite machine, enjoy. Just in case you wondering how to power it up, pm me and I will tell you how ;) .

Why why why?

Because the peeps at Mobii hooked me up with a brand spanking new Motion at a discounted price.

Thanks Rod and the rest of the mobii team.

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