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Does heat affect tyres?


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I decide to take my semi slick commuter tyre off my SS as I got two punctures yesterday and put on a more robust treaded tyre.


I had two tyres in the garage - been there most of the year - and I could not get either of them onto the rim. The reason why I had kept them was because I was previously able to get them onto this same rim with my hands ( no tyre levers required)


My question is whether heat can make a tyre "shrink" or hard and inflexible. Any thoughts/opinions?


My current thought is to bin all three and buy a new tyre.

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I would think heat would make a tyre softer and more pliable.


Think about F1 where they heat the tyres up with those blankets, so they come up to optimal heat more quickly which increases the grip.


That being said old age is old age and your tyre may just be overs.

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