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  1. Bruce Fordyce always thanked his parents for passing down good genes.
  2. Done this twice although I did stop during the meetings at top of G Spot in Stellenbosch and at top of view point of Steynrus Dam overlooking Gordons Bay. Best reception for a long time
  3. I had very mild cold symptoms two weeks ago which disappeared after 4 days. I decided to be cautious and go for a covid test which came back positive. So now I am doing 7km rides around the estate at a very sedate pace for a week and then building up week by week for the next month. I cannot believe I am being this sensible. But a number of my old teammates have died already so best I be patient rather than be a patient
  4. Black sparrow hawk about 50cm. Big enough to prey on pigeons
  5. My cars have cambelts and were changed at 120 000kms. My cars are serviced every year regards less of kms travelled. I have worked in preventative maintenance environments my whole adult life and adopt the same approach to my private belongings - Maintain/Replace before broken. I was also a driver on the Angolan border for 18 months so preventative maintenance became 2nd nature. Rather get dirty and greasy in camp than stuck in the middle of the bush waiting for a recovery vehicle.
  6. This year will be the 1st time in 5 years that the servicing of my cars will cost more than that of my bicycles. It's because two of my cars will have major 180 000 km services instead of the normal routine ones and not because my bike services have reduced At my current rate of driving my cars will never need another major service. Bikes on the other hand 😅
  7. And to take that even further I read in my Estate's quarterly newsletter today that he is a resident here
  8. Do you know whether it gets sweat build up inside or does it breathe?
  9. Thank goodness he was not there on Sunday as my partner rides faster than I do
  10. We spilt our time between Jhb and Cape Town - two week shifts.- because I am still in WFH situation. So I disconnect the battery of the car that won't get driven during while we are away. But like you I find that I am riding my bikes about 180kms a week and driving about 10kms a week. I live in a little hub of convenience - everything I need to buy or eat is within a 3km radius of both homes.
  11. So do ours. Helps to have a cyclist wife
  12. Went up the road towards Spanish Farm - Helderberg- for the 1st time Interrupted view towards Gordon’s Bay
  13. So when do I get my DCM ( Don't Come Monday) notification:)
  14. Is this anti bar-end snobbiness cult a subset of the the anti -specialised snobbiness cult or is it a stand alone one?
  15. In 2006 my SC Superlight cost about R40k. In 2013 I was lucky to sell it for R10k
  16. As an owner of two I approve and the colour is awesome
  17. If you were there then we will excuse a slight loss in memory now.
  18. My wife used to do a similar tour every year for ten years and even got me to do it one year. Unfortunately pre Strava days so I cant help there. If I remember correctly the biggest climb was out of Escort but there are rolling hills most of the way and at that time of the year you may have thunderstorms in the afternoon and wind We had one just as we were going down Olivershoek Pass.
  19. Then there are the Murati trails between Stellenbosch and Klapmuts
  20. The Wannebees club do rides in the vineyards on both sides of the R44 below Stellenrust Road during the week and weekends. Look on their facebook or website for contact details. You would have to buy a day permit to ride with them.
  21. Some of us now drive a Subaru
  22. I think it's a black sparrowhawk for last year's comments. It sometimes comes and pays a visit to our eastate. It is much bigger than I imagined. Others already answered on it's identification
  23. Cousin of my ex wife. His wife is also a doctor
  24. I thought all Capetonians did their uphill routes when there is a tailwind.
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