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Cycling clothing ... now incorporating powerband technology


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Ok, maybe not quite, but still pretty funny. At least I can now take off my tin foil hat I wear under my cycling helmet to keep the aliens at bay.


This is from an advert for the Giordana cycling kit. There is a similar add in the Ride magazine, which claims even more miraculous properties, but could not find it on the net


"Carbon incorporation in performance fabrics promotes feelings of well-being in several ways. Electrical charges in the atmo- sphere (for example, from cell phone towers) can affect athletic performance by reacting negatively on muscular contraction, the source of cramping and fatigue. The special conductive qualities of the carbon fibers absorb and dissipate the electri- cal charges, preventing them from being retained around the body. By protecting the rider from these charges, the carbon lowers the concentration of lactic acid during activity and improves blood circulation, delivering oxygen more efficiently to the cells. Carbon shields the body from absorbing static energy, electrosmog and UV rays" blah blah blah

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