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Does anyone in the Cape Town Area sell these.

I am interested in buying one of the following hubs:

SRAM I-Motion 9

SRAM I-Motion 3

SHIMANO Alfine 8


Any information will be appreciated.


Thank You.

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Can anyone here help ?

Or must I try and source outside South Africa, and if so who would you recommend as a reliable supplier ?.

Thank You.

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The local agents don't have these in stock. You'll have to import.


You have to know what you're doing though or you'll end up with a frustrated project. It is important to understand the relationship between drop-out angle and chain slack. I recommend a spring tensioner if your drop-outs aren't vertical or close to vertical.Then, you have to figure out where the cable stop for the gearchangers will be. Often on frames not specifically made for these hubs, you have to modify things a bit.

A wheel with one of these hubs in is very heavy. Much, much heavier than other wheels to the point of dropping it on your foot and you're injured.


To remove the wheel in the field you'll need a track spanner. This is a big mother by saddlebag standards.


Whether you get a Rohloff, an Alfine or a SRAM, there is always one gear that's very noisy and inefficient. It may even irritate you if you're fussy.


Servicing these hubs isn't straight-forward and the oil you use is critical.


With the Alfine hub, you also have to purchase seperately, a non-turn washer that fits your frame and a cassette joing and a sprocket. The largest they sell is a 20 tooth, which makes the gearing a bit to heavy on a 29er/road bike, but OK on a 26er.

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Mr. Johan Bornman, thank you for your reply, You confirm what I have found out.

I don't think that I will go the import route, there are too many problems such as payment, lost or damaged goods, theft, etc. (I have had bad experiences with Amazon, received the standard overworked reply "you can claim from the insurance".

I think that I will rather look for a suitable frame and build a Single Speed.

The South African online suppliers also appear to be somewhat iffy.

Thanks again.

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