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Ok so I bought an iqabi winny bike rack in December and so far have been very pleased, I know it's not. Thule but for the price it's exactly what I want from a bike rack.

Saturday however I had a brain fart and managed to drive over the electric plug smashing it into a thousand pieces. So I figure no worries I will get a cheap replacement 7 pin towbar plug from Midas and fix the problem myself. Needles to say I cannot make heads or tails of the wires and am at a loss.


So Sunday I get onto www.iqabi.com and ask if they can give me the wiring diagram so I can get the lights working again. To be honest I was expecting to have to find an auto electrician to help. I received a mail from Jan before the end of the day Sunday saying he will try to help. Guessed it was a BB but was non the less impressed that he could respond so quickly.


This morning I get a mail from Jan stating that he wil give me a new set if light for the rack. I was expecting some kind of cost but was very pleasantly surprised when he stated that he will gladly just give me a New set no charge or questions.


Am honestly blown away, firstly by the price and quality but more I think by the attitude. Well done guys awesome service will definitely recommend.

Oh on that note they are now available from cycle lab fourways, last check R2800 for a 4 bike ride on rack.

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