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Genetically engineered stingray shoes


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Is this for real?



Have you heard about this: Rayfish Footwear’s initiative, where you can grow your own sneakers? You can take part in designing stingray patterns on your shoes, by logging onto their website, selecting your desired pattern and Rayfish will record and combine DNA and grow you a genetically manipulated stingray. This will later be your customised leather shoe. So instead of tattooing or dyeing the shoe, a skin is actually grown.

“It would not be feasible for ordinary people to code their desired pattern in the DNA, so we made a design tool that allows them to create a pattern that we can actually grow on the stingrays,” said Dr. Raymond Ong, head of Rayfish Footwear to fastcodesign.com.

Questions? We have quite a few:

What amount of suffering do the stingrays go through? Do they kill or harm the fish in any way?

We are interested in finding out what PETA has to say about it. Rayfish has soft-launched their $1.800 sneakers with their interactive design tool on their website where you can enter a shoe design contest. They will officially launch later this year



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