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  1. gloss black rustoleum and go ....
  2. nothing new here .... maybe the carbon bit .
  3. u can be as great as people were on a 26 ... its not the bike .... blahblahhatcoat
  4. i love the muppet folded paper under chain wd40 method and best believe ill get it in the lubretta too .
  5. hankey just sold my 20" would be keen if could find bigger frames like a 21" if they make it . Still sk8 @ 48 though.
  6. always best to leave your bike in smallest front ring and smallest on the cassette .. its stops your jockey springs from stretching and messing with your shifting.
  7. looks like a flea market .. doubt they have real stock of scott .. + all bikes left in high gears ... def wouldnt trust sum1 who doesnt geardown before parking !
  8. did he get punched in the face ? and the woman walk like they going to the corner shop .... look like k4k lighties taking chances .. doesnt look like proper organized thugs ..
  9. i remember when eagle canyon 1st opened and they used to have demo stand at the rand show was a goos lbs then . after they 1st sold it was never the same .
  10. is there stats on how many bikes are stolen a day in cpt . must be ALOT !
  11. joburg and durban arent nearly the bike hell cpt has become .. i have no worries riding my bike in joburg .. more worried id run out of talent . have never worried about being BIKE HI-JACKED HERE in joburg ... never. its snooze u lose in jhb not an army of thugs coming at u for your bike. cpt is ridiculous .
  12. left handed might run front on left .. dominant hand on front brake . or not there no rules on a bicycle except sit facing forward . or not .
  13. best https://flatbike.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/diy-bike-rack.jpg
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