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Honesty in a for sale ad


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Probably discussed before but here goes anyway.

I recently sold my MTB on The Hub. I feel that I was dead honest with the sale. I had a major service done on the bike and I can confirm that there was nothing wrong with the bike. Because the bike had an integrated seat post I even had to refuse some buyers as the saddle would be too low for them.

I bought a bike on The Hub again. Was a touch nervous as the seller didnt have many posts and was not very active as a hubber.

We chatted on the phone and agreed on a deal. I did the deposit. The seller went out of his way to pack the bike and ensure that the courier service collected etc.

When the bike arrived I unpacked, bike looked identical to photos and I was happy.

Then a few little matters were discovered on this "in excellent" condition bike.

Both tyres were flat. (No prob topped up with sealant, pumped and prob was sorted.

Front brake is pap. there is no stopping power whatsoever. Had to take bike to a pro to repair.

Both rotors were so buckled that the wheels could not do a full rotation. Rotors had to be replaced.

It is minor problems but I just feel that the seller should have been a touch more honest on the condition of the bike. I would have still paid the same price for the bike because I really wanted it.

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