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  1. Shot Mario. You are a lekker oke.
  2. A gentle smooth downhill with a strong tail wind.
  3. Sorry man. That is just swak style. They should be pretty ashamed of themselves. Luckily not all sellers are like that. Last week I purchased ANOTHER Suunto watch from a fellow hubber. He listed it as in good condition. When it arrived, it was in as good as brand new condition. Smiles all round. I am sure that when these people sent your item off, they were just waiting for your response as they knew good and well that they had been dishonest about the condition of the item.
  4. Vetseun

    The Classics

    It is just incredible
  5. Vetseun

    The Classics

    Wow the talent in the chasing group. A serious show down coming up?
  6. Vetseun

    The Classics

    It is just crazy. And they look as if they are rolling along gently
  7. Fanks Pal. it was really a kiff ride. Lekker to check the mal moer from Gonubie again.
  8. Candice deserves to win the ladies race. Her work rate is incredible. When she sits on the front, pain levels rise big time.
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