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  1. Brilliant race. I am exhausted. Carapaz a true champion. WvA just something else. The work that he did is just something else.
  2. Vetseun please marry me
  3. Fan frikken tastic. Well done Nic. I shall be screaming and shouting for you!
  4. Sometimes I really miss the old hub. When I was allowed to post a pic of my receptionists boobs for rating by hub members. Then I also miss the free for all fights that we used to have. Like a rugby match in the 80's, the mods would sit back and let us moer each other. Afterwards, a few friendly warnings, a few warning points, a 30 day ban or two and we were ready for the next fight. Good days in a way but also rather silly and childish. I shudder to think of some of the shite I caused here. All in all I am happy that rules are enforced more strictly now. Keeps idiots like me in check.
  5. Ja, if you want mountains, this aint the place to come
  6. You had a great ride Pal. Much respect
  7. Hectic respect Blondie. Great ride
  8. That was incredible.
  9. Jiss. Warradoos. I would love to gather a few Bloem dutchies. Pitch up at his house in our bakkies. Open up a can of whoop ass on him. See if he is still so confident after that.
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