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  1. Jinne Bennie daai bike is foggen mooi!
  2. You can ride on the Edenburg gravel road. Pull in at Tom Place and eat a naked burger. You will eat it again on the way back. You can do up to 180km. Brandfort is about 140km odd. Im healing from a crash atm but if I am sorted by then, would be lekker to do a ride with you.
  3. Here in Bloem I can get an Avalanche Road Bike and a Nissan 1400 bakkie for that price.
  4. Overshare - Nee wat. Overshare was toe hy my in Sutherland Hotel ge corner het. Foooook bra hom kyk hoe bloei my ass. What has been seen, cannot be unseen.
  5. Bainskloof is such an integral part of Munga IMO. It is like this final bit of special, the cherry on the top. Cant wait for the race report. And ja, the hands.... good luck and give them time.
  6. I fear cows, scorpions and circus folk. I am not afraid of carbon.
  7. When I rode in 2017 the rule was that drafting was permitted from Bloem to vd Kloof. Thereafter no drafting allowed. And it was strictly enforced. If the caught you you were penalised and only once. Thereafter is was disqualification. Last year the rule was still there but they didn't seem to enforce it. This year drafting is allowed, not cool imo. I have been at very Munga start as a participant or as a spectator. The race has changed so much for me. Almost has lost its soul. I was keen to try again next year but have been wondering if there isn't something else to ride. Maybe better value for money. At 30k you most definitely don't get value for money in this race.
  8. THE Tracking system is totally futtup this morning. People who have scratched are showing as riding. Marco Martins is finished although he scratched days ago. Only 4 people have scratched according to tracker there were 13 last night.
  9. Must be a mistake on the name. I'm very curious to know who the rider is. Hopefully they will correct it.
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