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15mm Thru Axle QR Adapter Question


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Hi Guys, I need some help/advice please.


I've got ZTR Crest Wheels with a Stan's 3.30 hub.


When I took my front wheel off over the weekend I realized that the rubber o-ring on the adapters/caps got pinched in the hub and was subsequently broken.


I know that the seals are there for a reason, but would I still be able to ride it without the o-rings if I don't ride in muddy/wet or dusty conditions until the weekend?





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just pop to the local hardware and see if they have an o ring that is suitable, should be a very easy swop.

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Should be fine - just go to a irrigation or bearing/seals shop soon as you can to get a new one.


Make sure you clean out and re-grease once you have the new seals.

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Thanks guys, I went to the hardware shop yesterday afternoon, but they didn't have the right size.

I want to go for a ride this afternoon though, and I don't want to stuff anything up if the seal is missing. Will go have another look over the weekend.

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