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Advice on which 2nd wheel I should get ... the one everyone tells me I've lost


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People keep telling me that I've lost a wheel ... it's crazy I know :eek: So I thought I would look for one. Seeing that I have a 29'er unicycle that I don't ride much I figured it would be a good candidate for a 2nd wheel, so I'm looking for a 2nd 29'er wheel (aka a 29'er bike). No it's not the real reason I'm looking for a 29'er over a 26, but I'll stick with that as a valid reason for now :)


Advice please on an entry level hardtail 29'er MTB. I've looked around at a couple in my price range, R5000 - R6000. Trek Marlin, Giant Talon 1 ... Had a brief chat with a dude at a local LBS yesterday, he also mentioned Silverback, Merida, Titan and another brand or 2.


I've looked at the Titan and compared to others has similar spec components at a cheaper price, the Titan seems like good value for money. I really don't know enough about bikes and bike components to make an educated decision, so need a little help. I am going to use the bike to commute to work, and take it into the mountain occasionally ... although my mountain Uni will still be my primary downhill ride.


What is decent, value for money (without breaking budget) ...


Cheers, thanks :)

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Look at the Axis range (old Raleigh). They have a very decent 29 Entry level bike with fairly good specs. Ugly as sin, but got a realy good write up in one of the Bicycle mags a few months back.

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