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Help with junior gears/restricted casette


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Help please.


Looking for a junior casette for u/10.


My calculations says for the 52T crank I need a casette with minimum 17T, but I'll change the crank,seems like 52T-18T is most popular.


Anyone got one spare, know where to get,any advice appreaciated (pref Pta)

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the easiest is to use a 52 x 18 as it falls within the limit. a 52 x 17 falls outside and the bike will roll out.

pm me and i will email you a pdf file with all the gear ratios.

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if the bike is fitted with shimano just take off the gears that aren't allowed and adjust the shifting. yr lbs will be able to help. make sure you get back unwanted sprockets because you need to add them back as your youngster gets older.

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Thanks guys.


Was hoping not to change the crank... but I agree 52 x 18 seems to be it. Where do I but such a setup?

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