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Shimano WH-M765-R hub replacement


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Assuming I have to replace a hub from a Shimano WH-M765-R wheel exactly like this:



What are my options? Shimano doesn't have stock of them locally, not sure if there's stock upstream from them. Do I have to dump the whole wheel? It's obviously non-standard.


Very irritating, because there's only one tiny bit that seems to be poked and the wheels have been absolutely awesome for ages. Would rather put money towards replacement bike than replace yet another set of wheels. This bike has had 4 different wheelsets. Enough now.

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What is that part that is poked?


If it is in the hub then there is bound to be another Shimano hub that will use the same part (maybe M756?).


If you need a cone or freewheel you could try Linden Cycles, they carry quite a lot of old stock.


Good luck & let us know.

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Let me guess what's poked - the bearing cup on the left side?


This is an extremely poor design from Shimano and a regular failure. Write the wheel off as school fees and buy a standard wheel with standard spokes, hubs and rims.

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