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Crate cruise marathon halfway point


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Advise please.

My fourth Crater cruise marathon this year, all three times previously I have used the time out option at the halfway point and had a rest of 10 to 15 minutes, but I am thinking to skip the rest at the halfway point and just press on this year. After the rest it feel if I lost my rhythm and it take me a while to get going again.

Is there any guys or girls that have done it with and with out the time out option and rest at the halfway point.

What is the better option?

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Baron, I stopped at halfway point first time I did CC and struggled for the rest of the race. Since then I don't stop at 1/2-way point. If you need to fill bottles there is a water point not long after the 1/2-way checkout.

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Either way the 2nd half is torturous - generally I only stop at the water points if have to top up. Perhaps if they made that 1/2 way stop on the shady banks of the river I would be more tempted to clock out and chill out. And they could sell cold cokes and sports drinks.


A few years ago on a particularly hot day, the next water point after that had some hose pipes rigged up as showers - most welcome!


I haven't really found the best technique to avoid heat fatigue, I do stay hydrated and eat, how do others cope?


Ed: can they sell ice creams at the 1/2 stop as well please?

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my second this year. my first we also toke time out at the half, my strategy this time will be to fill up if i need to grab a chippy and be off. the "rest" is not good for you. IMO

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