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We all knew this was coming, but SanParks have started taking a hard-line approach to the illegal "horse trails" in Tokai, and have closed them off from the top end of the trails.


PLEASE take note that we will NOT be able to ride these trails, as the trail heads have been closed of with signage, logs and barbed wire. We (Tokai MTB) are in talks with SanParks to try and get them to remove the barbed wire, as it is a very dangerous method of closing off trail.


There are large signs at the entry to all these illegal trails, as well as ticker tape (the red and white stuff) and the blockage is clearly visible - but there is still a need to make sure that people know about the barbed wire and closure of the trails.


The trails will remain closed for the foreseeable future - but we will try to get Parks to remove the barbed wire, or any sort of wire, from the trail as it presents a danger to those who normally ride them.


We will also continue to campaign for the inclusion of some of these trails into the Tokai MTB trail centre as legitimate trails.


Again - this is only for the ILLEGAL trails.


ALL DH lines (DH0, 1, 2, 3) Boulders, all snake trails (the ones currently open) and the other trails (my/your roots & Faerie Garden) are unaffected. JUST the illegal "horse trails" that are affected.


The illegal access route from Cobra through to DH0 is also being closed.

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