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New Mtb's


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I am basically new to the mtb scene and have only been riding for the past 6 weeks.


I bought myself a mtb to ride to gym on a weekend as something different.


Then more by accident I went and did a trail with someone on the first week I had the bike. Now I am hooked and can't get enough.


The Nissan Trailseeker Hakahana race was my first. I have entered for Down and Dirty.


I was wondering with respect to new Mtb's.

Some of them can cost the earth. Do people pay cash for these bikes or finance them? Is it even possible to finance a bicycle.


I mean when I bought my bike I thought ok sorted. Then I had to buy the other stuff like helmets, shoes etc and that can quickly add up.


What I have learnt from my first 6 weeks.


Go tubeless, did that after the 2nd week.


Mountain biking can eat your money, but it has become a way of life.


My wife does not share my enthusiasm for the mountain biking scene. In fact if she ever got hold of my bank statement and saw what I have spent on bikes and accessories over the past 6 weeks she would climb the walls.


My 31 month old son would love that because the last time she said that he came to call me and said dad come look mom is going to climb the walls.


My wife often says I wish I was a mountain bike because I would then get some attention. So I said to her are you a soft or hard tail and what sort of components do you have. I stopped shortly after that because I was getting funny looks.


My only regret in life is that I never got into this 15 years ago.

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There are places that finance bikes, but like most things, the interest kills you. i know a lot of the riders on here buy it cash.


How was your first race?


Dont worry about the wife, mine is like that too.

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I enjoyed it. I only did the 20 km and that went well.


So for the next race I have entered for the 40 km.

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Awesome, good luck for the next one.

I too have only started recently to MTB, but with me studying part time and holding a full time job, and the wife and 3 kids i just haven't had time to do a race yet.

Writing my last exam in 4 weeks time then i will start looking at next years calendar and plan for a race. Just cant seem to find an events calender yet for 2014.


Enough the trails and hide the bank statements as if your life depends on it. Well i guess in a way your MTB'n life does depend on it. :nuke:

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