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  1. Too expensive to make in-roads into the other brands IMHO
  2. Dude, if it is your first road race ever, I reckon you've had a rude awakening on what racing is all about! Welcome. I saw that guy you are talking about, and guess our definition of road racing skills differ. He had a team mate drop the whole group in front and he made sure he stayed away. Good racing in my opinion, but anyway, that's just me. See you at the next race! Believe you me, it is usually much tougher than this!
  3. All these superlight bike weights makes my stomach roll. Rather ask the questions: "What does your bike weigh with you on top?" I just can't see the point of a 80kg bloke riding around on a 8kg hardtail... IMHO. So I will start. Me and my Giant Anthem Advanced 29er together weigh 90kg.
  4. @... Said last year I am NOT going to start in that circus ever again... Testosterone, ego's, crashes, swearing........ But I am a MAMIL, so here we go AGAIN!!!! Try to keep the rubber on the ground this year!
  5. I was in that crash. This is exactly the reason why there should not be juniors in the A bunch. And he bragged at the start about his 4.2 watts / kg. I don't care about your watts! Can you ride in a bunch? So unnecessary!
  6. I know your mystery Neff-girl hahahaaa... I must admit, there is quite a resemblance...
  7. I had the same problem.... Ended up with a Silverback Spyke 20'' bike, OK specs... I have one second hand now. PM me if you are interested.
  8. Yep, I agree. Would have included him if he was able to stay on his Cervelo!
  9. If you can find a sealant that works, will check tonight what mine is, then believe me it is all worth it. Mine is sommer some local brand something, brown colour.
  10. I have used tubeless road for quite some time, and have found that Stans do not like the high pressure. My experience is anything that has a thicker consistency works better. Stans is too thin.
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