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Garmin help in Durban? - With thanks!


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Is there someone in Durban who does in-house

map loading on an Edge 800 in Durban?


I have tried myself but seem to have cocked the whole thing up so would appreciate it if anyone could supply me with the contact details of the new "agents"

With thanks.....

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Im not sure if it will help, see if you have the latest software version. I was struggling to upload maps to a nuvi until my buddy updated the software on the unit

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Garmin has a service centre in Mt Edgcombe, I forget the address, but it is close to the Kingfisher conference venue.

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I was at Garmin JHB 3 weeks back and clearly remember the receptionist saying to someone on the phone that Garmin had closed down their Capetown and Durban branches.


Is it possible that you have the procedure wrong? Not that I am the brightest with these things.

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Go see Mark at Easybike/EasyGIS



Company Info


Postal Address


Contact Numbers

EasyGIS cc trading as EasyBike EasyGIS Website: www.easybike.co.za Registration Number: 2007/215960/23 P.O.Box 1238 Email: webmaster@easybike.co.za VAT Number: 4240241986 Westville Phone: +27 (0)31 811-3279 3630 Fax: +27 (0)86 670-6158

Trading Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm




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Excellent! Thanks to all. I downloaded a map and the memory is too full to accept anything so has "stalled" the unit.

Not to familiar with this hitec stuff. We were not even allowed a calculator when I was at school!

Appreciate the help.

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or go here if it is closer to you and speak to Candida. It was where Garmin use to be, but now she runs it under her own capacity.


Garmin Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd

Kingfisher Office Park

28 Siphosetu Road


Phone: 00 27 31 539 6020


Website: http://www.garmin.co.za

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  • 2 weeks later...

After stuffing up my Garmin 800 I took it to the old Garmin place as Bush Goblin suggested. (Many thanks for the heads up)

What a pleasure! GREAT service and cock-ups repaired in no time. Also purchased some accessories at the same price I was going to get from Evans Cycles. Updated my maps, made a copy (in case I stuff up again) all for a measly sum of cash. Gift knows his job and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Great pleasure to do business with them - new shop is better than before.

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