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  1. Excellent!!!! Thank you!!! Would you be able to Postnet it to me? I cant EFT the cash? Many thanks
  2. Hi Robert Sounds good. How much do you want for it? Thanks
  3. Looking for one of these if anybody has one lying about? Or anything similar? Thanks
  4. My Varia packed up so I contacted Garmin in Jhb and they said I must return it to the shop where I purchased it. I told them I could have it delivered to their door cheaper than what the shop was asking as a handling fee. (In this case R400 was required.) I told them what I thought about this and after some negotiation the handling fee was waivered. Here comes the rub. The unit plus five other Garmin units was duly dispatched and dispatch number was given to me via email. Eight weeks have passed so I popped into the shop to inquire as to the progress. I was asked if Garmin has contacted me because the entire dispatched parcel has been lost by Garmin who signed as having received it. Silence from Garmin and they are not returning my calls or mail. And this is after having received three 1030 replacements due to unit faults. The last unit was sent from Taiwan, curtesy of the Head Office. And now? Getting a bit fed-up with Garmin SA antics.
  5. @copperhead If you don't come right with Pudding, I have a spare Thule rack you could use.
  6. Excellent! I am also a member of the Jurassic era and find myself in one of these parks too.
  7. Hi Slo, Further to the above, I am not a racer or fashion cyclist and think of myself as a comfort tourer. Speed and weight are not an issue. I prefer to get there eventually without sore hands, arms and back. The roads less travelled with sinkplatte are now not an issue. There is no noticeable bob or sway when in the saddle with the seatpost. I am so used to it so can't say for sure but if there is, it is the least of my worries. This, with a Brooks is the best way for me to spend 10hrs daily in the saddle. The stem is also a whizz. I have it fitted to a Jones bar so I have the best of both worlds. If I use a handlebar bag I use a harder elastomer. Both these items have stood me in good stead and recommend them both, very highly. As mentioned, I am not fussed about the weight of these two items when I have other stuff on the bike. Comfort wins every time, all the time.
  8. I have some Endura Baabaa cycling gear and they are fantastic. When I was in PE I went to BKB and tried some of the cycling gear but they were very prickly and not as soft as Baabaa. The Endura merino stuff is definitely worth the price you pay. It is a better buy but difficult to obtain unless you have a mate in the UK. Some local cycling tops cost just as much! I wear them for days on end when on the road and hardly ever take them off, even when sleeping. They also dont seem to pong after 3 days......I did a girlfriend test and all was good. 😀
  9. I actually did try all the above but to no avail. Garmin are not cooperative and send me automated mails. Terrible service and response.
  10. My Varia has gone and packed up. Green light comes on when plugging in to charge and then turns to solid red. It seems stuck in this position. Updated it, removed it and reloaded but it is still the same. I really like this safety unit so would like to know if anybody has had a similar experience and what was done to fix it? As always, advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. Been using one of these for years. Have a dynamo hub now but just take this along as a torch.
  12. If you don't come right, I am open to offers though?
  13. I have all of the above plus a bakkie flatbed stand-up rack and a complete square rack available as well. But, I am not throwing away........
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