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  1. All the best Dale. .......of all the people🥵
  2. Trying the Air Liner out. So far they have been excellent.
  3. Problem is, Fitbit does not work with Huawei phones🥵
  4. Thanks. Have tried this but am unable to open the Fitbit app on numerous laptops for Android or iPhone.
  5. I have recently acquired Fitbit Charge 4 and have no idea how to work it. Tried downloading and App but does not work. Where can I get a manual? With thanks.
  6. This does not look biodegradable and Woolies love packaging that is mostly not biodegradable, no matter what they say. ALL cycling on bike drinks should be biodegradable so as to avoid the mess cyclist make during a race. Runners too.
  7. Done it with RC model yacht batteries. Worked every time. As dasilvarsa says, don't pop the battery!!!
  8. Keith Clayton in Pinetown welded mine and it has been over a year now. Well worth a decent weld job. Definitely!
  9. Yes they do. Using one for many years now. One of the best "investments" I have made followed by a suspension seatpost. Works so well I purchased a spare.
  10. Not tried them but they look like something I can use. What is the price? Thanks
  11. I only ride alone. Always have. I also think I am crazy but I cannot tolerate idle chatter and the "race" a social ride eventually turns out to be.
  12. Sepia


    Typical! Beware all those who are gullible.......there be dragons on Black Friday.
  13. I have had three bike fits and many visits to the Bio and thought at least one of them would sort out my busted leg/hip problem and leg length discrepancy but to no avail. I am old and crock and the best fit was done by myself in order to allow no pain when spending a day on the bike. Never again.
  14. Speak Chunkymonkey on this here Hub. He had all sorts of gloves at good prices.
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