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  1. Seriously, what I do is a plastic bag over the saddle, loosen QR and fishing line to my arm or tent pole. I also tie the bike up (untying rope or cutting the rope in the dark is not that easy) put an empty tin (if avail) with a stone in it and rest it on the saddle Don't know if this all works as all has been good so far..... I travel alone and sleep lightly.
  2. Exactly what I use. Never looked back. If you get cold, put on all your clothes.
  3. Which bike shop is this?
  4. Thanks Chris Have tried them both. Have a Chilled Squirrel home fit and they also don't have smaller rings.
  5. Hi Guys I am desperately needing a 30T chainring to fit on a Truckrun/Bafang mid-mount motor. 5 hole with a 60 BCD is required. Any adaptors available?
  6. Busy converting an electric motor onto a bike for touring. Only too happy to test. Win, win all round. Unfortunately, I am in Durban.
  7. Just ordered mine from Revu. They are collecting tomorrow. Must say the service from Doyle is unbelievably good!👍
  8. Gooday All Request please? Is there anybody who is planning to come down to Durban in the next week or so and could bring an ebike battery with them? I have purchased a motor and would like to get the battery from Reflecto in order to fit and test the installation. I understand there are also no 48v chargers in the country at the moment. Any suggestions? Thanks very much
  9. Many thanks Dusty, appreciate your input.
  10. Hi Guys I am hoping the collective knowledge of those in the know will be able to assist me in answering some questions? I am “thinking” of going electric and am looking for advice, please? What I require is a bike I can go gravel touring on and doing a maximum of 80 – 100 kms a day. The bike will be loaded with panniers etc. Questions: Is there a bike out there without suspension? (I have a Redshift stem and a decent suspension seatpost) Is there a bike which will be able to use an Old Man Mountain rack? Bike with sufficient mounting points for water bottles etc? Will my current custom wheels be able to take the extra weight (FRM with Dynamo upfront and WTB Frequency at the rear. Would I need special tyres or wheels? (Using Schwalbe Land Cruiser) What size battery/motor is advisable re extra weight? Is there a kit I could buy to convert my Planet X London Road 3 x 9 to electric as I love this bike? (Would it be worth it, hassle free?) New/secondhand - if available? Any other areas I need to look at? The itch is getting quite bad and I need something for my aging torso. Thanks in advance
  11. Think it was Jan/ Feb? Also love the Karoo open spaces and long roads with the noisy silence. But the headwind.... Guys at Safari campsite were great and this is why the people in the Karoo are very special.
  12. During the wind and a day before the wind and age hit me....hard.
  13. I will never use them again so open to offer. Silver colour with scuff marks.
  14. I am using friction shifters with Thumbies on a Jones Bar and and is the best gear changing I have ever experienced. I used the same setup on a Mary Bar witch was also good. The Mary Bar is now up for sale if anybody is interested. Nothing beats a Jones bar for touring in my opinion.
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