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  1. Quick question: Has everyone received their seeding email? Been through my mail and cant find anything, also don't know where to look online?
  2. Hi Naas Any chance of a better deal on either of the Powermeters listed below? sram-quarq-xx1-eagle-boost-spider-only.html SRAM QUARQ XX1 EAGLE BOOST SPIDER ONLY power2max-ngeco-mtb-sram-1x-drivetrain-power-meter-104-bcd-boost.html POWER2MAX NGECO MTB SRAM 1X DRIVETRAIN POWER METER (104 BCD- BOOST) Also need the 32 tooth chainring that goes with it Thanks
  3. If you cant find someone another option is to defer your entry to 2020 You would be required to pay the difference in entry fee (2019 vs 2020) but probably no other fees Someone from the waiting list will take up your entry. This is what happened to me a few years ago Good luck
  4. Anyone know who stocks WTB, preferably local online?
  5. Try swapping the pedal out with another one. That way you'll narrow it down to either pedal or cleat. If the problem persists replace the cleat. If that doesn't work you have a great reason to buy another bike.. completely reasonable solution, as any cyclist will agree
  6. Any chance of these be reduced further please? https://www.evobikes.co.za/components/brakes/sram-guide-rsc-disc-brake-set.html
  7. Nice! Cant wait to see the final product
  8. Anyone know where I can get the road version in Cape Town? Or online? Thks
  9. Ryanpmb Would you be so kind and please share where one could acquire a flared shallow drop handlebar? I can't seem to find from the regular online stores. Thks
  10. Maxxis Ardent Race (J2C, Tankwa, W2W) Crossmark's are great but the Ardent Race has slightly larger volume, slightly wider tread, just as fast rolling resistence and they're bullet proof. And they're often on special on CWC
  11. Egg Beater 2 please! Site says price R1 350.00 and recommended retail price R1 300.00? Crank Brothers Eggbeater 2 Pedals R1,350.00 RRP R1,300.00 - See more at: http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/crank-brothers-eggbeater-2-pedals#sthash.ErGqKUX2.dpuf Thks
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