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Michelin Wild Rock'R 2 Tire


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Wild Rock'R 2 Details

• Intended use: all-mountain/enduro

• Sizes: 26'', 650B, 29”

• Width: 2.35''

• Casing: Advanced Reinforced with Tubeless Ready bead

• Tread compounds: Magi’X (softer dual compound) and Gum’X (harder single compound)

• Weight: 998 grams (650B, claimed)



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Fabien Barel spent a considerable amount of time helping to develop Michelin's new Rock'R 2

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We were able to ride the new tire in a variety of conditions and on a variety of terrain during our quick trip to France. This included some seriously slick sections of trail that showed that the Rock'R 2 isn't just a one trick pony.

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First Impressions

So, after a couple rowdy days on some of France's most prominent trails, what is our initial feedback to take home from riding this milestone tire for Michelin? A quick glance at the Rock’R 2 and it's obvious how Michelin's development mentality has changed from the past couple years. The tread pattern looks well designed, its casing looks solid and durable, and most importantly, tread compound is much more supple than all recent Michelin offerings. Once mounted up, the tire inflates to a true 2.35'' and the sharp, fresh knobs add an aggressive touch to any trail bike. Though we only spent a total of around eight hours of riding the tires so far, we were able to run them on a wide variety of trails and terrain. Our first trail was filled with wet leaves, wet dirt, and a smattering of slick off camber rocks. After a few pressure adjustments we found the sweet spot. Though the tires did pack up with mud quickly on certain stretches of trail, the cornering knobs remained useable and bit deeply, even on wet and unfamiliar trails. The new Magi’X compound mounted up front was noticeably tackier, and it aided by adding grip on wet rocks and off camber sections. Once we descended out of the trees, the tires took a bit of time to shed the sticky mud due in part to the closeness of the knobs and their siped pattern. Once clean of mud, they were a quite capable. Acceleration and braking was great on dry to loamy soil, while the soft front side knobs made flat gravely corners much less of a panic to reduce speed. After only a few rides, the Rock’R 2 shows some serious promise in the competitive trail tire market. If they hold up like traditional Michelin tires while matching the performance of many fast-wearing competitors, the Rock’R 2 could become a top contender for dry, rough terrain. Stay tuned for a long term review

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