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Ditto sun glasses: how do you clean them during a race?


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As with the swim goggles mentioned below in a thread, I'm struggling with sun glasses during training. So much so that I cannot finish a bike leg of more than 1 hour with them on, let alone race with them. It seems to be more sweat/vapour than fogging that accumulates on the lenses to the point where I get headaches from the scrambled vision. Washing them with water spreads the stuff al over and completely blurs vision for some time until they dry out, and wiping with race garments obviously don't work.


Are there ways of properly cleaning glasses during a bike ride/run?

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tough one. when mountainbiking glasses get dusty, and when the inevitable sweat bead drops off your brow, they are smudged.

carry some kleenex and wipe them after giving them a quick wash at a water table when racing. wipe them anytime when training :)

usually glasses get foggy on cool humid mornings when riding at a slow pace, eg when climbing. drop them further down you nose to vent them, and pick up your pace.

when mountain biking in rain/muddy conditions, glasses are very useful for keeping the bits of mud flicked up by your front tire out of your eyes, and not much else. ballance them on the tip of your nose, and with the peak on your helmet you become a modern day Knight of the Joust, peering through your visor.

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I think you're basically saying that sweat from your forehead is getting onto the glasses/lens during your races and blurring your vision.


You may find that a number of factors come into play. I have also had the same problem myself. I found that different helmets and their padding allowed sweat to run off in different areas but you can't be changing your helmet all the time as they're just too expensive.


I also found that if the sunglasses sit tight against your forehead/eyebrows that it can also play a part.


As I'm not one of these guys who can blow a snot rocket I always carry a hanky with me in case I need it, and I find that a quick wipe on the glasses (not if you've used it) does the trick without having to stop and use water etc etc.


I think I would try either a change of glasses or a thin sweat band and see if that makes a difference. It's pretty *** sitting behind someones wheel doing 45 kmh and you can't see out of one eye. Hope you get it sorted.

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I have used this on occasion. Not sure if it will strip coatings off fancy pansy lenses.




Also wear a bandanna or sweatband.


I hand my glasses to my stoker to clean, she sits back there doing nothing in any case.

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I just don't touch them. Everything I've ever tried ends up smearing them and you can't see out of them for most of the race. Rain, shine, sweat, mud, hail they sit there untouched until I can't really see then upside down (pro look) and in the helmet.

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In my opinion is has a lot to do with a combination of the shape of your face and the type or style of sunglasses. I had a pair that did not work for me. It sometimes felt as if it suffocates me. Steam built up ect ect.


Bought a different pair .............. and I dont know of them. I sometimes have to check whether the still on my face. ;) The shape of second pair is different and I think it just suits my face better and therefore leaves spaces for the air to flow where it should. And I always clean it properly before a ride.

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I'd go with sunglasses with vented lenses as well

Had my Oakley Racing Jackets (jawbones) for a year now and they're awesome

Also when your lenses do fog up just move them forward on your nose a bit and back when its cleared up again

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+1 on the shape factor, as with goggles you unfortunately only know how well they work when you're actually using them. With cycling glasses you should have some clearance between your brows and the rim of the glasses.


Try to have the glasses a little more forward on the bridge of your nose. Having them too close to your brows will trap the steam.

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