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  1. Busy watching Home Before Dark. First couple of episodes are not to bad.
  2. Absolutely loved it. Just a bit sad at the end.. Hope they will make a S2.
  3. Absolutely. It's worse when you know you are not going to run that special race ever again.
  4. I agree 100000%. The look on those German soldiers faces when Captain Ronald Spiers ran through them and back was priceless..
  5. Jeez, that's super fast. Must be from all the Soda Bread
  6. Busy with the last episode of "Your Honor". Awesome series.. Bryan Cranston is just as good in this series as he was in Breaking Bad..
  7. Thought i would give " The Flight Attendant" a go. Watched a couple of episodes, and i dont like it at all. Boring and bad acting...
  8. Me too. Its awesome. Love the series.
  9. Busy watching Clarice. Pretty awesome 2 episodes so far. Spin off from Silence of the Lambs. That Clarice. And off course, Prodigal Son S2.
  10. Wow, looks so cool,missing the trail runs. Look after that knee. Don't be like me and think it's not as bad, and just continue running. Lol.
  11. Watching Prodigal Son S2. Wow, its pretty good sofar.
  12. I can walk, but not fast walk. Otherwise my back and my leg start to hurt again. I went for a walk with my wife yesterday, tried to walk a fast pace just to see how it goes, but as soon as i did, my leg went numb and i could feel it in my lower back.. Felt kinda weird not to jog, but atleast i can still walk and get out.
  13. Dont worry, I'm watching Heartland with my wife atm .. I must admit, i kinda like it. It's a pretty good wholesome series. Kinda strange to not hear any swear words or see any kind of nudity..
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