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Had a serious stupid moment and bike fell over and bent its rear disc. The question now is who is guaranteed to have a 160mm six hole brake disc in stock as I'm in for Kia under the moon at Modders tomorrow night and need to nip out of work to get it. Any ideas

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Thank you very much, gonna get out to a shop first thing in the morning.

Why not use a shifting spanner to bend it true again. I usually true the rotors with wheels on the bike. Use the brake calliper as guide.

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I do that on my dirt bikes all the time, but this landed weird and isn't playing ball. Could also be I've lost my temper and nothing is gonna work

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A ball peen hammer and an anvil will sort most bent rotors out. If you're racing tonight get a new one anyway, but you can sort the old one out and keep it as a spare.

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Fill a pot, heavy, with water.

Turn the stove onto the highest heat.

When hot, place rotor on stove and pot on top of rotor.

Give it a chance to flatten and check on it frequently until you think it is flat as a pancake.


Please don't hold me liable if it stuffs up your stove. It didn't damage the stove when I did it, but your rotor turns interesting colours and sort of black eventually, which I don't think changes back to its original colour.


That's a how a student does it. ;)

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