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  1. https://dailycoffeenews.com/2024/01/04/ethiopia-launches-20-8-million-coffee-land-use-program-folur/?utm_source=Roast+Magazine+%26+Daily+Coffee+News&utm_campaign=346e7bad04-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_6_14_2018_8_20_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8f24fab631-346e7bad04-15985453
  2. It already is affecting the production in Africa, there is also the cost of becoming compliant to these rules...
  3. What happened to the pro cyclist took my money thread?
  4. Is your current setup (the one for sale) the silvia V5 PID and rancillio. If it is please let me know, I have a buyer for it!
  5. I think its a Trek/Gary Fisher...
  6. the nerd

    RiP Thug

    This is terrible news! RIP Tony, a true gentleman!
  7. So good to see you out riding JC!
  8. Love this thread.... and I STILL havent even bled my hopes in like 10 years.....
  9. Yeah man still here just super busy with the shop! Im busy finalising an order for some killer Colombian, so once thats in I will let you know!
  10. Heavenly Coffees in pta, they do all levels are training and have done for years! Francois the owner there is also a super nice dude. https://www.heavenlycoffees.com/products/intro-to-barista-skills?variant=43911143588090
  11. Im 100% sure they are real, but also 100% sure they are factory rejects! We've had 2 lose their ears completely, not broken off, just off... but this is out of about 12 sets. Other than that, a few little blemishes like the weird colours in the ceramic etc..
  12. unlike Eksdom the power returned to me 😂
  13. It was a few years ago and was about R2k I think... Dark Electrical did it for me
  14. I had to have my Stator replaced on my Versys, had it rewired and it worked flawlessly....
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