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  1. Pretty easy to swap to the 9 bar spring. Seems to be the first mod everyone does
  2. I have only heard good things about their coffee (Espresso Mafia!) How does it taste?
  3. Sorry I have been off the Hub for a while, I am selling an older Rossi espresso grinder... You are welcome to PM me
  4. I was talking about the La Spaziale. The kees is on a another level but still essentially a la Marzocco underneath. A Wega is a far superior machine to a la spaziale.
  5. Show that watch [emoji52]
  6. Strange choice. Not very well supported here. I personally would have gone for a Wega
  7. I bought my KLE500 off gumtree, it was exactly as described and the even lent me his trailer to get it home!
  8. Actually rode my bike today, did about 60km and it was great! Time to start using it again!
  9. Well a C*rve GMX and my old Ragley TD1 have VEEEERY similar geometry...
  10. Shemar are one of the best, I enjoy that shop... they do stock tissot though! Timeflies belongs to them, which is just down the corridor
  11. I wear a Barton canvas strap daily. Doesn't smell, has a cool age fade coming along. It's this or steel for me.
  12. Rode the V for the first time in maybe 18 months if not longer... smells like hot dust, but was good! Felt right!
  13. no go, the "ears" on the gaggia PF i have are much thinner that that of the commercial PF... The orientation of the Wega ones is off, the Gaggia PF and a nuova Simonnelli are the same...
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