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Lefty Max Carbon 130mm


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Howzit guys


I'm interested in purchasing a second Dual Suss 29er with a Lefty Max Carbon 130mm fork, and just want to know if there's anyone out there with some views/issues/knowledge etc than can help me decide to even consider this bike/fork


The unfortunate stigma attached to Lefty's in my mind is Stay away from them as far as possible, coz of the cost and intervals of servicing these forks


Sorry if there's a million of Lefty posts already, its just that I'm posting from my phone and searching forums from this thing is like looking for honesty in our government.


Thx in advance

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I must first say that I don't own a lefty (yet), but I'm fairly sure that the newer 2013 and 2014 lefties, the ones with the 'moto' style lower leg guard rather than the rubber compression boot have about double the service intervals of the older forks with the rubber boots. Apparently they're now very comparable to RS forks etc, at about 100 hours or so.

Can somebody confirm if this is the case for the Lefty Max?


Can you find out which year model it is?

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It's probably the older type with a boot: You have to do a bearing reset at regular intervals, check and grease the bearing surfaces under the boot, check the air filter, all easy done by ones self, but possibly more suited to those who do their own regular maintenance.


The overhauls at longer intervals are best done by specialists, there are quite a few around.



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Thx guys.


Yes its the older one with the boot, I've read up a bit and it seems like the Super Max is the one with the plastic gaurd and better internals.


I'm no tech boffin and not keen on "sukkeling" with gear, so this one might just run me down with too much ZAR as time pass.

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Sure they require a bit of TLC, but its a great piece of engineering, and will only give problems if neglected.


You don't have to be a tech boffin to do your own regular servicing, lots on Youtube etc, same goes for the rest of the bike, like a post-race wash / lube / check out / gear adjustment, you will be wasting serious money if you rely on a bike shop for that.

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If you're referring to the Supermax 130 that comes on the 2013 Trigger range, it is the new sealed version that has same service intervals as other forks.


Have had a Trigger 29'r with it on now for 3 months and it is AMAZING!!! Buy the bike, you won't be sorry.

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