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Training for a road race in a mtb...


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So i just did my first road race (94.7) on a road bike really enjoyed it. Now i'm planning on doing the Argus and would love to get some good training in but I really don't like doing my training on the road as it is very dangerous here. What's your advice on training on a MTB for a road event?



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if your mtb is heavier it is a good thing, it will make you stronger


But I do recommend some training on the road bike, to get used to descents, the skinny weels and the drops.


I sometime pick 3 to 4 routes, do them with the road bike. then train those same routes on the mtb, for 2 weeks, then go back to the road bike, you will be shocked to see the time improvements.


It terms of training on the road, pick safe areas

the cradle- cycle lanes fairly safe and lots of other cyclists

suikerbosrand nature reserve almost no cars and nice hills

or train early in the morning when the roads are quite.

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I did the Argus on my road bike this year after I had to dust it off for a race 3 weeks before. I did ALL my training on my MTB, as I was also training for Sani2C.


The biggest thing to get used to is to get comfortable riding in fast groups and also your backside if your saddle is different. Other than that, training on your MTB is actually good, especially if you do some climbing... It will make you very strong on the road too!

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