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Whats in your commuting backpack and what type?

Active Monkey

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Doesn't those thin strings irritate you? Or do you not carry too much weight in it.  I suppose if only clothes then it could work well.  But as soon as there is a bit of weight then I can only imagine that they will hurt.


I just put a change of clothes in there (and for me, work clothes usually entail boardshorts and a t shirt. I have shoes at work). It can get a bit flappy at times, but I prefer it to a full on bag which I always find inhibits head (helmet) movement.



Tried it once.  Made it 2 km from the office, turned around and left it in my car.  But that said, mine did not last.  The cord unraveled and bag fell off.  So the german blood took over in me


Happened once. But I stopped and retied the strings, and was back on the go in no time.

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Puma Nightcat

This works well, and reflective. 




Can fit what I need and no more




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