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  1. I could be the competition, or I could be IN your team!!
  2. We're pretty much a one hit wonder kind of team - get an entry, find riders, race, win, and then go our separate ways. I'm kinda over organising everything.
  3. I identify as a middle aged male who can no longer race with the young racing snakes, but still have the legs to be competitive with the racing ladies. (And, we're the current holders of both the MD90 and DC mixed titles)
  4. Hmm - mixed team fast. Like 5 hours...
  5. So, anyone needing two experienced DC riders for their team? Loads of DC experience, and a bit of DC podium experience
  6. The 2021 Trans Baviaans finally happened, and The Prancing Thunder Pixies were there for another misdaventure. Expectations were high for us to write another chapter in the how-not-to-ride Baviaans story. Read about it here: https://www.velotales.com/2021/09/trans-baviaans-2021.html (yoh - it's been yonks since I was last on The Hub!!)
  7. One of those is @crashtestdummy - our team Captain. Was my 17th DC
  8. It's been a while since I've been on The Hub - thanks 2020. Anyway, what another cool Double Century, except for that early start. I loved open roads, the non-neutral 2nd stop, the heat and tailwind home. But above all, I loved racing my bike again with mates. DC weekend is always special. I know it was *** hot and windy out there for the later starters, but this format is definitely better for the racing teams (although it's also much harder as there is nothing but open road for miles and miles ahead - no strategic drafting at all!). It's safer, it's fairer and it's more strategic. Not having a finishing venue or post race vibe was weird, but I guess this is the new normal. Nothing that a little team braai can't fix. Anyway, to everyone who rode, whether you finished or not, well done. It was tough out there yesterday, but that's what we expect from the Double Century. If it was any easier, we'd have more golfers riding bikes. I'll try to get a race report together later in the week (I haven't written one of these since the end of January).
  9. The Tour d Garage #BigDayIn ride report is here (for those that missed it) https://www.velotales.com/2020/04/the-big-day-in-2020.html
  10. I went for a little bike ride on Thursday - the Queen Stage of the Tour d Garage - The #BigDayIn2020: https://www.strava.com/activities/3276675155/embed/8bf7f9eeb2685129b5589e82de1a8713f016a760
  11. If you can master 6 hours on a bike, you can master 15, or 18 or 24. It's about getting into a routine and rhythm that's sustainable. And the 36One is perfect for this. The waterpoints and check points are just far enough apart that as soon as you feel your legs fading, there is an oasis of magic. If you ride a smooth and consistent pace, and eat and drink regularly, you can ride for days. Think of this during the first 120kms...
  12. Seriously impressive - for a sleepy little city on the tip of Africa...
  13. From what I can remember, it was done with photographs. Back in the day when we had to have a front and back number. Which is why it took a week to get the results. In the newspaper. The ARGUS newspaper. Cracking the first 1000 for the first time was pretty cool, as that was the front page!
  14. My wife stopped for a guy somewhere on the lower slopes of Smitswinkel who had lost consciousness. (She's a ICU sister) By the time she left he was doing ok. They loaded him into a ambulance and took him off to hospital for observation (he'd only suffered from soft tissue damage). Side note - make sure you cycle with your phone in your pocket, and not in your saddle bag. The first thing they do when you crash is they haul your bike off, never to be seen again. And then it's impossible to reach the outside world.
  15. Great report Tim! Your Plan B is my Plan A - The safest place to "B" So you're ready for the Big Day Out? Can't agree more - a whole day of bike riding in one of the most beautiful places in the world - what more can one ask for?
  16. Iam Holmes was the HotChillee guy that stayed with Nutty. I think we all owe Ian a beer for sacrificing his race to make sure Nutty was ok...
  17. Yup - I can remember being so grateful for the kilometre segments that were *ONLY* 9% so that I could recover! And also - the f*&%#king flies on the lower slopes through the forest drove me nuts!! We stayed in Lacoste in the Luberon - I rode to Bedoin where my wife was waiting at one of the bike hire places. She hired a bike and we both rode up Ventoux. My ride for the day was something like 120kms of amazing French countryside. We hired a bike from the bike rental place at kilometre 0 of the climb (called something like La Route Ventoux) - great bike. Great service.
  18. There is still a way you can get hold of a 500ml bottle of Squirt, but it involves some dedication and commitment. You need to enter the OakValley 24hr. But, here's the catch. You also need to win the OakValley 24hr. Solo. The wine in the winner's goodie bag didn't last long, but I'm super stoked about the super duper sized bottle of Squirt that I got!
  19. I'm hoping it's no more 24hr racing, with loads more 24hr social reports to come. I have such a bad track record with retirement that you never know. There is a post on the Hub from 2009 where I swore I'd done my last 24hr, and look how bad I've been at keeping that commitment. 2014 is still a sore topic that I haven't quite gotten over. But this wasn't the first 24hr that I bailed on - that honour belongs to the 2009 24hrs of Wiesenhof. Pffft. Participation trophies. It's like you're a millennial
  20. And here it is, my final solo 24hour race report: https://www.velotales.com/2020/02/oak-valley-24hr-2020.html
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