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Sorting stud pressure from bad Shimano last design


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Hi All,


I've been having some discomfort recently, especially on my right foot on a pair or Shimano SH-M181B MTB shoes:



(The same shoes that caused this https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/134572-how-do-you-remove-mtb-shoe-stud-marks-form-tiles/ while I was trying to do the following mod)


When I pulled them apart to have a look what I could do to address the issue, it became apparent the problem is fundamental to the design. Here is the top of the last:




As you can see, it has ribs on it, not a flat surface - most notable in the area of the ball of the foot where most of the pressure is applied. Also, the largest cavity between the ribs is where the cleat mounts and the cleat bolts protrude through the internal mounting plate. The problem is evident on the insole - note the indentations:




To resolve this I cut a couple of bits from a sheet of 0.5mm ABS I had lying around to fill up this cavity and put holes in it to clear the bolts. The bit do not need to be an exact fit, because you want the shoe to be able to drain (after a water crossing say) - you just want to get a meaningful in supported area.



One element



Both sets of elements for both shoes after assembling with superglue



Element place in shoe - the number of lamination was enough to fill the cavity up to level with the ribs


Having ridden on the bike every day since I did this 3 days ago, I can tell you is makes a world of difference - I hope this might help people that have had a similar problem



1. Other material and adhesives could have been used, This is simply what I had available.

2. I would appreciate it if other with more recent shoes - especially Shimano, would comment if the last design has been changed to deal with this - I'm especially keen to see what the new XC50, 60, 61, 70 & 90 look like if someone is prepared to take a pic of the inside (Thanks)

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