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  1. Anybody maybe have a 31.8 to 35mm handlebar shim laying around?
  2. @Kameelpromised me an entry for next year...waiting...
  3. If I just had the capital to pimp my ride like this... dreaming...
  4. I can alomst assure you, this is the only decent steel frame in Kimberley.
  5. That would be a future upgrade, as the 100mm travel fork is all I had. And bigger tyres is also on the list of upgrades.
  6. I have a Rapide Tigre with 100mm travel, XC or trail?
  7. Sjoe, something I can only dream about and something I will NEVER own. I'm not really keen on any electronics on my bike, apart from the GPS and the light. For me, going for a ride is to get away fro electronics and computers (I almost said and the wife as well, but lets rather not) and enjoy the outdoors, and not to worry when the batteries will die. BUT, I would love to give this a go.
  8. I have a steel bike, does that make a difference?
  9. I've only been on a 7k ride, much smoother feel than my aluminium Merida. Also, it feels more playfull.
  10. That is all the parts I have. It also needs bigger tyres and better wheels.
  11. It's going to be a bit of an experimental build, 100mm travel XC-ish bike.
  12. I might need a 35mm long stem for a 31.8mm mtb handlebar in the near future.
  13. How would this frame, with a 100mm fork, handle long, flat dirt roads? And also, will the larger XL frame do anything about ride quality? I've been riding large frames my whole life, but I actually need a XL. My body is now telling me that I need a bigger frame. Any input would be appreciated. I am very tempted in buying one.
  14. So, one individual is a popo and more than one is pipo? 不不不
  15. Check out my Strava cycling club Want to join my Strava cycling club? https://www.strava.com/clubs/bikehubber?utm_source=com.example.android.notepad&utm_medium=referral
  16. Obviously you will be over the max weight of both the rack and the car. I don't have any experience with roof racks, but I wouldn't do it.
  17. It's not the most beautiful bike I've ever seen, because I am not on it.
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