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Garmin Vector


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Anyone used the new Garmin Vector Pedal Power Meters?

Are the worth the money? Approximately UK Pounds 1250

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Yes....myself and jcmeyer had a go on one at acf last year....of course we played the "who can put out the most watts" game.


Ended up with jcmeyer killing the pedals in his last effort.....said thanks and left the poor sales guy to pick up springs and clips from the grass :blush:

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A mate of mine has them, and also had issues with reliability. They have already been back to chop to be fixed.


The review in Bycycling a few months back did mention they had a concern of the fagility of the pedals.


I would wait for the 2nd version to be released before shelling out almost R20k, and spend it on a new se to of wheels rather...

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PS jcmeyer's expression on his face when he was gunning it only for the display to read 0 Watts was priceless....


That's when we realized that we had just broken a 20k piece of kit.....

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