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The official Riding with Kids thread


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This thread is dedicated to all of you who have babies / kids and are doing what they can to still get out and ride. Post pics of your trailers, bike seats, tagalongs, Y-bikes and whatever other paraphernalia you've collected to force your nasty riding habit on your offspring and let us know what works and what doesn't.


OK so the ride pictured below wasn't exactly the X Games but given the circumstances it beats the crap out of pushing a pram and it was still awesome in a different kind of way. If you were wondering the passenger weighs 12 kilo's, the trailer probably quite a bit more than that and yes, low range is required!


Attached some photo's of my little dudes first visit to my friends farm in Ceres.


post-3611-094059200 1285067796.jpg

post-3611-018426700 1285067419.jpg

post-3611-033548700 1285070144.jpg

post-3611-060682400 1285070174.jpg

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Guy that is impressive you must have very selective hearing to keep your sanity on that rig!


Haha, actually it's not too bad - they were born into a house with more bicycles than furniture so bicycles are the norm!



The rule is you can only complain if you share the pedaling load, and if you share the pedaling load, then you can share in the packed lunch at the back (fruit, chicken, juice, muffins, bar ones) ...


I've noticed it's the little dude at the back that does most of the freewheeling - my daughter can't on a tandem. She's actually becoming quite a powerhouse!

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My son about 2 years ago teaching himself to "jump" .... the previous week his side wheels came off his bicycle and he is now flying along wanting to do the same with the bike as per his old scooter .... I am scared and proud at the same time


Lol, this is funny. The dude's going places!

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