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Hi Guys


I would like to know when I need more than just water when I cycle?


For a normal commute to work I do 30km, One water bottle seems to be fine, but sometimes I do go the extra mile around 45km.


Are those rides fine with just water? or will I need GU or add Electrolytes to my water?


I normally commute early in the morning without eating too so I'm thinking that I might need something especially for the 45km ride.


For my longer rides (80km) some weekends I do prepare well though.


Any tips on this?



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I don't use anything but water on rides under 100kms*... Up to that, my body has enough reserves to do it without hassle.. Of course everyone is different, but I doubt most people would need gels or things on shower distances.


Your commuting? Both distances sound way too short to need gels.


But I always carry one with my tools in case I feel like I might need it at any time during the ride... Haven't thus far!


*races excluded... Then I sluk gels like crazy!

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