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Garmin file creation

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My ride this morning dis not save. Device just froze and i had to reboot the garmin. Now my ride is not there. Is there a way to create such a garmin file or use a previous file and amend? Its a rwgular route i travel and font want to loose the km's on strava

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I got Strava on my phone, never use it as I want my Heart Rate. But my CPU froze once and I just switched phone on from there. still got 80% of my ride in

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draw where you rode. you'll have to average out the speed yourself. If you're feeling bored, you can open the generated file (it's XML) and adjust timing between entries.


Otherwise use a previous route and search & replace the timestamps in the XML (you can open it with wordpad / notepad).

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manual capture won't count against challenges I am afraid...like this month's "prove it" km challenge. It will log the km against goals though...but who cares about those.


Just go ride it again....happened to me before on garmin where I switched off before the saving completed...corrupted file and here is the real kuk one, I knew I had a KOM in said ride....

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