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Advice on indoor trainer


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You ride either Richmond or Watopia against Zwift Robots or Zwift participants in other countries. You see yourself, and you can change views, just like in a game. It gives you resistance if you have a Smart Trainer like Tacx's Vortex / Bushido or soon to be released Neo. So it shows Power, HR, Cadence, and then distance covered, avg speed, etc, and uploads to Strava automatically afterwards.


There's even races, e.g. 7.30pm tonight is an organised 4 lap race of the Richmond UCI World circuit, that's more about 2 hours of IDT work!


Never liked Indoor Training, but Zwift is a Game Changer. The Tacx Vortex with Ant+ dongle and Ant+ HR Straps works sealmlessly. I've been testing it all week, and must say: I'm hooked!



Sounds quite cool. I did some online research over lunch time and it does look like fun. Only problem, I just bought a Cycleops Powerbeam, so hope it works with that. I have a Tacx I-Vortex which I wanted to sell, not sure if I should, but then have to explain to the wife why there are 2 trainers in my study, that may not go down too well.
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Hi Guys


I decided on the Wahoo Kickr and am very happy with it.  I've used CVT and Kinomap software to try routes around the world and both are awesome.  CVT even has Helshootge pass in Stellenbosch as a route and knowing that route very well I can say that the indoor version is pretty accurate, although the first hill seems a bit milder indoors than reality but the rest is pretty accurate.


Would be great to organise some online rides with folks around the world if anyone is keen.


i'll check out Zwift next - still recovering from Alpe d'Huez!

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You do know winter has passed and that its Spring now? ;)

you know there are other countries where it is winterish still   :clap:

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