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The great Koeberg inspection


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So after doing 550km's last week, Monday was supposed to be a rest day for fatty. Unfortunately for fatty, one of my mates convinced me to go for a recovery ride in Koeberg Nature Reserve...(just to make sure they don't drop a bolt or a nut in the reactor again and make us another Chernobil) Here are some of the pictures. Definately a ride I can recommend for more novice riders...very easy flattish and a nice 21km loop. We rode from Tableview (15km's each way extra). Entry was free, and there's ample parking for people that want to drive there rather.


Darren making sure we knew were to go at the start...



Some Eland in the distance...there were also some Zebra, Springbok etc, but the camera only had a digital zoom and we weren't intent on getting closer to them.



Fatty enjoying a munchie bar at one of the picnic tables.



Darren at one of the pools of water. Note the big bird-watching hut on the left.



Terrible country isnt it? LOL



Fatty getting hungry (again!)LOL



Fatty enjoying coffee and a chicken salad for lunch at WestCoast Centre Wimpy.



Darren deciding he needs his bodyfat % raised (I hate skinny buggers!)
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LOL fatty...... looks like you and darren had fun....


was this the 3 hour ride you said you did yesterday...
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Yeah...nice and easy just talking crap and cruising. Not exactly a recovery day (considdering that darn mtb weights something close to 13 or 14kg's!) LOL

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I am getting so hungary from just looking at this food....

Its tea time....

I rekon Darrens fat% doubled hey ?!!! he he he
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