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From the start when this Chunky saga started, I was one of those who made a stance against his doings. And he knows that.


But, as a person , I made a point to not

attack him personally

post "rumours"

or personal stuff (not that I have personal info)

But those of you who did attack him personally or post those "bank account detail", you overstapping the line.

I agree with bikemax, keep this alive and try ensure something happens.


A year ago (i think), Michael van Staaden, (16 years old) I think, was caught, and what happened ?


What happened to the docter who gave him the stuff?


Nothing. Doping and the supplying of doping stuff must stop.
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Sorry' date=' my request is




Popeye, in principle I agree with what you are saying but ...


Chunky has left himself completely open to attack because he has repeatedly lied on this and other forums and he was caught lying on TV. As a result people will take pleasure in exposing him completely. I have also seen posts where Chunky issues veiled threats to certain cyclists - again opening himself up to personal attacks in retaliation.


I am not sure how I feel about the revelations of his financial affairs. On the one hand I have no doubt that he is crooked (and I make that decision based on information HE has provided not what others have uncovered) so I think well it is revenue from crooked gain so ...  but on the other hand if SARS are looking at it already then it should not have been posted.


The long and the short of it is that Chunky has created this mess for himself and I don't know how you separate the person from the activity in this case.  
Windbreaker2006-09-28 02:02:46
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Sorry, kan dit net in afrikaans se:

Ek stem nie saam met wat hy doen of gedoen het,


maar hy is ook 'n mens, maak ook voute, het gelieg en wat ookal.


Onthou net ook, eks seker hy voel baie sleg (al het hy wat ookal voorheen mee gespog, ens).


Hy is nie daar om gekruisig te word. Die ouens wat die wette toepas moet hulle job doen, en as hy verkeerd is/was moet hy sy pakslae vat.


Dink aan sy familie en gesin wat deur hierdie moet gaan. Ek voel vir die ou, maar sal ook wil sien dat hy sy straf kry wat hy verdien as hy verkeerde dinge gedoen het.


Sit bietjie terug, en dink hoe moeilik dit reeds vir hom moet wees.


En weer: EK VERAFSKU WAT HY DOEN/ GEDOEN HET, maar sh*t ouens, "have a heart".

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Popeye' date=' hy is nie jammer/remorse. As hy jammer is, en al die name bring, dan is dit beter. [/quote']




I believe that he still thinks that he will get through this and all his old customers will be coming back as long as he sits tight ... but I could be wrong. Let's see.
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