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Timex "Ironman" HRM


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I have problem with my Timex "Ironman" HRM (Digital), in that it will sporadically display my Max HR as 240, even if I'm in cruising mode. It will then jump back to the correct reading. It can take a couple of minutes to return to "normal". This is not acceptable, as it stuff up your stats for a session. I already had it sent back to supplier, but it still does the same.


I double checked my setup info. Cannot see that the problem lies there.


Anybody else uses this HRM, and have the same problems? Any advice on how to correct!?
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I use one of those and have had that issue occasionally (3 or 4 times in the last nearly 3 years!)


In fact the HRM belt 'broke' yesterday morning. Collecting a new one this afternoon! Still happy with it!
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My Polar does it occassionaly, in fact on yesterday's ride I got a max HR of 225 !


Wananbe, is the HR belt a one piece (like the old Polar's) or is it like the new Polar's ?


I have the new type of Polar belt and what I have found is that if I lightly sandpaper the metal contacts, it normally sorts the problem out for a while until corrosion once again sets in !


If it's a one piece unit, I don't think that there is anything much you can do about.


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It is a one piece (the transmitter area) only the belt attaches to it.  It is brand new, only used about 5 times.

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