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Another good reason to wash your hands


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---Here's how to have a clean urine test (maybe) if you're taking EPO to artificially enhance endurance. Just put a pinch of protease, an enzyme used in laundry detergent to break down protein to remove stains, in your pocket. Dip your finger into this powder, then urinate over your finger into the sample bottle. Protease is "easy to use, cheap and available without prescription -- and thus an almost perfect aid for the deceptive athlete," says one expert. Perfect, except for one thing. It eliminates all EPO in the sample, even that which should be there because EPO (erythropoietin) is a hormone produced naturally by the body. And you'll never guess: more and more urine samples from pro riders are devoid of EPO. Three such samples were given by Jan Ullrich back when he was allowed to race, according to Swiss sources. Lab technicians are working on a way to detect the use of protease, which would then be added to the list of illegal masking agents.


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Guest colonel

Did Jan's name have to be metnioned? I would presume this is applicable for the whole ProTour Peloton

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Ullrich name was mentioned because he specifically showed three zero EPO results (which is not possible) in the Tour de Suisse which other riders did not.

linnega2006-10-13 12:57:38

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