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Connecting Polar M430 to Watt Bike


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I'm assuming you're trying to get the wattbike to pickup your HR. Obviously it's easy with a strap based polar, but not sure with the built-in wrist HR.

Check in the watch settings if there's an option somewhere to make the HR visible to other devices. If there is, that should solve your problem.

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I pair my v800 with the Watt Bike. Hopefully should be the same for the m430.


With the bike display on, go into the pair settings on your watch. Select pair with other device, and it should show the Bluetooth ID of the Watt Bike. The ID must match the bike ID at the bottom of the bike display. Complete the pairing and the watt Bike will be stored as a "bike" on your watch.


Then select Indoor Cycling mode on the watch and the bike icon will show up. You are then good to go.


The watch will record speed, power and pedalling efficiency from your Watt Bike workout.

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