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I've been looking for some decent flat shoes and locally all we really have is 5Tens which is not a cost effective buy and I'm surprised that the only other options are skate shoes or sneakers and sneakers are terrible.


That being said I've found there FLR AFX Pro shoes at CWC (link below). Has anyone been able to find any other flat shoes on SA that are not bank wreckers or piggy bank breakers?




Does anyone know FLR and what they are like? I've been using an older pair of now almost dead DC Shoes skate shoes which were great but need to be retired and like for like replacements are no longer available.


Any thoughts? Let's discuss

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Been discussed a few times now, some other options include Ion (the Brandstable), and Specialized 2FO.


Both seems to be well reviewed, and cheaper than 5.10, but not cheap. Flat shoes for mtb need to be able to take quite a beating witj the grub screws found on most pedals amd their soles need to be stiff for pedaling.


You get what you pay for... IMO 5.10s are worth every cent.

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Was about to post the same question. Not really getting too much info from my web searching. Just don't have the cash flow to get the 5.10s now amongst the plethora of other things I need to get! 


Will probably get a pair and see what they do. I have never owned 5.10s, so I won't know if they are crap or not, but they will be beter than what I am using currently!  :mellow:

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So I got a pair yesterday, did a quick ride on them last night. They have very stiff soles but are comfy. Soles are grippy and gives a marked increase in "bite" compared to what I was using. For the CWC sale price, I am really happy with them


I tested them on two sets of pedals, the one set was concave (VP-531E cheapies loaned from my wife's bike) and the other flat almost convex (Kore Rivera). On the Kore pedals they struggled for grip, but then again so did my other shoes. On the concave pedals they had tons of grip (preverbial "plak soos k@k op 'n wol kombers").


The stiffness of the sole needs a pedals where the pins extend past the level of the of the spindle/shaft.

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