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  1. I've Repaired with matt nail varnish. You can get a similar colour but I don't have the bottle anymore. You have to use a very fine artists brush to spot it on. Came out perfect. Problem is finding the right colour. Start in the middle and work to the edges.
  2. @BigDL Posting for the sake of Posting. MEE TOO
  3. After 3 months There is just Milky Water Inside the Tyre. It won't Seal Punctures but it will hold pressure well. During my Experiments I've Held Pressure with Tap Water.
  4. @BigDLYou don't stick a pin into the battery. The LI-Po Batteries on the RC Helicopters Are Packed in Plastic and they get a Build Up of Gas Inside the Plastic Packaging You just pop the Packaging not the Battery. If You Stick anything into the Battery it Could Go UP in Flames. In the Picture I show one that's been Popped and still works perfectly.
  5. If you can get inside the unit Just pop the plastic with a pin. I do it to RC Helicopter batteries and they work normal after. Don't Know about Garmin Batteries but it should be the same technology.
  6. Tube Protectors Correctly Fitted Available at sportsmans warehouse and Major Bike shops.
  7. If It's a Garmin HRM Dual Try putting the Chip on the belt UPSIDE DOWN. If you have cardiac arrhythmia this helps. The Reading maybe not 100% correct but it works.
  8. I don't want to play "Devils Advocate" Here But Here Goes. I been using Tubeless for a Long Time I started on my Merida Kalahari in the Days that you could not even Get Sealant or TR 26er Tyres. We used to call it Ghetto Tubelass the Ou Manne will Know What I'm Talking about. I have the Knowledge to Make my Own Sealant as well. 5 years ago I converted my Trusty Merida Big 9 back to Tubes with tube Protectures from Sportsman's Warehouse and Slime Tube Sealant. Initially the bike did feel Heavier I have to admit to that. Eventually I Got rid of the Sealant for Obvious Reasons. Initially I did have a cut in the tube which was resolved by sanding the Rough edges of the tube protectures and Installing Brand New Kenda Tubes. 4 1/2 Years On and 7000 Km with no Punctures. I recently converted my Trusty Merida 120 back to Tubes and Sportsman's Tube Protectures, Kenda Tubes Brand New from Cycle Lab , no sealant. 6 months on no Punctures. Makes You think. I have found thorns and nails embedded in the tyre The Bike once again felt a bit heavier, And IT IS about 100 Grams per wheel. I have found Thorns and Nails Embedded in the Tyre but no Punctures so far. Glass has no Chance.
  9. I don't see the Point. Bike is Bike. I rather buy a Garmin Watch a Drivetrain or something like that. Maybe some Jewelry for the Girlfriend.
  10. For Safety's SAKE Buy a New Saddle.
  11. Don't use the Small Gear. (You can't Shorten that Chain) OR Shorten the Chain and Don't use the Big Gear. OR Change to Shimano with a Clutch (But you might need to change the HUB) Flame Away.
  12. You Can if It's Disk Brake. Why NOT ? Won't do Anything. Put a Wider Tyre on and it's almost a 29er.
  13. Mee Too KMC is the Best Chains No Need to buy the Expensive one (Standard is Fine) Same Steel Chain more Chrome. I've Clocked 16K on a KMC X10 and Changed it because it was OLD Not Worn.
  14. Recheck all Derailleur Adjustments. Sounds like too little tension on Chain.
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