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  1. Fox used 10wt until 5 years ago then they changed to 20wt. Apparently the 20wt sticks better to the Slider Bushings. Many use Motor Oil and some Professional Fork Service Persons in RSA Swear by the Magnatec Fully Synthetic. Mobil 1 is also preferred and Highly Recommended in the States. The Problem with RS and Fox Products is that the LBS does not stock.
  2. Risky It Works on Some Hubs but not All Hubs. The Video Proves that it worked on that Particular IDT.
  3. Most of it is Non Technical XC , Stay away from the River Section and the Ruins of Mordor. Be Prepared to Climb.
  4. The Damage Was due to an Accident where the Saddle Was Totally Destroyed. Welding was done by a Professional Engineer. 4 Years Later Some Extreme Riding and Still Holding Up.
  5. How much have you ridden since Sunday ? I'm not Convinced ! 2 Days and It's Sorted !
  6. Accidents cause a lot of the failures in aluminium MTB frames. The High Torque Stresses the Weld and the Cracks are only Visible some time later. If you catch it Soon Enough is is Fixable by the Right Welder.
  7. Every Time I buy a New Bike I get a Bike Fit. (MTB) Never Been Happy with the Results and after a couple of months of unhappy riding I end up copying the settings from the Old Bike. Seems to Work for Me. saddle height angle and position of the saddle bar height (Headset Spacers) bar roll position of the brake levers
  8. Where is The Factory that Makes these Bike Frames ?
  9. 2k to 3k and Not Easy to sell Them.
  10. Buy the Rouge Sport 1X10 Best Fork of the Lineup and Brakes that Will Stop U. (This is a R14999 Value Bike) Stock Might be an Issue.
  11. Never Wash a Chain, Just Clean the Outside with an Oily Rag. If you Wash a Chain by Mistake Soak it in 5w30 for a couple of hours. Squirt is very good if you Clean and lube the chain after every ride.
  12. Roof Rack is OK for Around Town. Tow Bar for Long Distance Without a Doubt.
  13. It Will Work as long as you can get the Routes https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/edge130/EN-US/GUID-22D3D4E2-30ED-4D0D-BB20-9697F25FF1DE.html
  14. Change the Chain and Chain Ring not the Cassette.
  15. They Don't Make Them Like They Used To.
  16. For every Garmin that Fails out of Warranty there are a Million Running Perfectly. They Don't Like the Battery to run Dead Flat. They Don't Like Water Too Much.
  17. If you have a Garmin with HRM Stay in Zone 3 and 4 70% to 90% of Max
  18. If you can Sell it ? Buy a 29er, Wait for a Bargain.
  19. This Guy Steve Fixed a Merida HT Frame 4 Me, After 4 years of Hard Riding it never Broke Again. He's Got some Interesting Techniques. http://www.smartcoprojects.co.za/
  20. Get it Serviced but you can also try to put about 2 cc of 80W Gear Oil in the Air Chamber. Maybe She's Dry Dry Dry.
  21. Front Rim Mismatch, Otherwise Pretty Balanced 7 out of 10
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