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Sub R8000 XC Boost Wheelset


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Hi guys


Looking for a wider set of XC Boost wheels, current internal rim is only 21mm.  The options seems very limited sub R8 000 if once is trying to keep cost and weight low.  These seem like the only decent options


Stans Arch MK3 / Hope Pro 4 - R5 900



Stans Arch MK3 / Neo - R7 500


Lyne Pulse 25 - R5 749



Do you guys now of anymore options?  I am about 77kg




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If I was you I'd be looking at the new Lyne Pulse 30 - it's their newest XC wheelset, nice and wide at 30mm. Gives a really nice profile when used with a 2.2 - 2.35 tyre.


Going from 21mm to 25mm is not a big difference - I doubt you will even notice it. 9mm however you will notice in a very good way.


Oh, and I don't think that Stan's combo from CWC is boost.

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The Arch MK3 are already a bit heavy for my liking at about 1800g. Think Rapide is in the same boat


Lyne comes in at about 1650g

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