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  1. Kelly Slater is probably the only one.
  2. Conti Race King is one of the lightest with low rolling resistance BUT they don't last very long if you do a bit of road riding.
  3. Started FarCry5 again in anticipation of FarCry6 launching in October. Also play some Borderlands 3 for fun and a laugh.
  4. 2020 was supposed to be my 5th 2021 might be my 5th Who knows going forward.
  5. Do the 25km and go flat out , it will give you an indication of how fit/strong you are going forward.
  6. I don't have a Spez bike but had the Tactic helmet which was replaced due to delamination eventually(long story), got the Ambush after that, had a crash which cracked the helmet and only had to pay in 50% for a new one. Got 2 pairs comp shoes(MTB) still going strong after about 5 years. I love my Power saddle. The saddle has been replaced twice due to the rails coming loose in the moulded part. The store owner said Spez won't replace both times but I can chat to the gent who handles warranties , the warranty gent replaced both saddles no charge and I left a happy customer. I like the Spez gear but probably won't buy a bike unless it's an MTB eBike, the Spez eBikes seem to be better and more popular than the rest.
  7. That's a beaut bike, well done and many happy miles.
  8. I have 2 bikes on my household policy, R80k and R40k together they about R400/month with Momentum, the bikes are covered for everything including my own stupidity. The only exception is if I was racing pro and earning a living out of it. I've never claimed for either bike in the last 5 years of cover so I don't know how that goes.
  9. Post a couple of pics and some more info like year model etc and you will get some feedback.
  10. I have round on a bike and oval on another, both MTB. I hardly ever ride the bike with the round(hardtail). For me the first thing I feel when riding the round is the crank arms feel longer or the pedal circle feels bigger. I had some knee pain/discomfort after my last ride on the bike with round ring.
  11. Buy a nice new light modern geometry bike and you will be more committed to training and...... ????
  12. We went through Nieu-bethesda yesterday Karoo 100 miler, nice little town but it was the start of a very tough return to Lormar.
  13. Turn off the blue tooth on the 520 and it should make it , have a battery pack in your Bergplaas box or at the Pakhuis stop with your support.
  14. I think you might well get your price, it's realistic and good value for someone wanting to try the sport.
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