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Shimano shifters


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Will I be able to use the shifters currently on my bike that work with a 10 speed front and rear derailer on a 11 speed front and rear derailer?

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Not as 11spd.

But could it work as a 10 spd.?

I've used 9spd derailleurs with 10spd shifters in the past and visa versa, and likewise 10spd Sram derailleurs with 11spd shifters.

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The front derailleur will work, but the back will not (if intending to run 11-speed, but will still work as 10-speed).

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The rear will not work well.  In an emergency sure but it would frustrate me long term.  There are three variables. 1) the amount of cable the shifter pulls with each index and 2) the distance the derailleur moves with each pull.  3) the distance between the centre of each cog. All of these are different on Shimano 10 and 11 speed.  Fitting this is hit and miss mechanics in my book!

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